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Gifted and Talented

Gifted and talented programming supports students who have advanced intellectual ability compared to other students their age. These students have exceptional potential or ability across a wide range of areas, from creative thinking to understanding abstract relationships. For more information please go to the Edmonton Public Schools program description site. All programs come together for complementary courses and Physical Education.

Please note only those students coded G&T are eligible to apply for the program. 

The Gifted and Talented program will be available for Grade 7 in its first year. As the first group of students moves to the next grade, we’ll expand the program by one grade level.


Connections Program

Avalon is a designated Connections site. Where possible, these students are integrated into the regular program with extra support. The integration is dependent upon students maintaining acceptable standards of classroom cooperation. 

All other students with special needs are provided with an Individualized Program Plan (IPP) and teachers provide the supports and accommodations as set out in the IPP. Students are integrated into the regular program and provided with additional support when and where required.